Professional Car Detailing

JLD Professional Car Care was established in 2016 as an independently-owned, professional and thriving vehicle detailing service based in Burscough Lancashire.

We specialise in all aspects of vehicle detailing such as new car preparation, paintwork correction and ceramic protection.

Born out of a passion for cars and detailing with more than 10 years’ experience, and an obsessive attention to detail, the owner of JLD Professional Car Care, Jason Chatterley, is one of the North West’s most experienced detailers with a vast knowledge of car paintwork.

All work is carried out solely by Jason so you can be assured that your car is in good hands with a consistently high standard of workmanship!


Protection Detail

The aim of this Detail is to deep clean and protect each exterior surface of your car. Over time, road tar, iron deposits, and various airborne contaminants build up, however regular washing does not remove…
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Time: Approx 1



New Car Detail

From day one, ensuring your new car is ready for the road with the best possible protection and finish throughout but new car preparations are often overlooked… Wait it’s brand new! It shouldn’t need polishing!?”…
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Time: Approx 2



Paint Enhancement

Designed for vehicle’s that don’t require full paint correction; a single stage machine polish given to bring the gloss and shine back to the paintwork without breaking the bank. Light wash marring and surface scratches…
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Time: Approx 1-1.5



Minor Paint Correction

A two-stage machine polish is given to eliminate light swirls and scratches, oxidation, and dull and hazy paintwork that’s been damaged over the years by poor wash technique, bad contact and strong chemicals. The first…
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Time: Approx 2-2.5



Major Paint Correction

Delivers paintwork perfection — often leaving the finish better than its original showroom condition. Using a multitude of machine passes to safely remove heavier defects found on most vehicles (i.e. random deep scratches, bird etchings,…
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Time: Approx 2.5-3



The JLD Detail

The ultimate car-care package! Combining a Major Paint Correction Detail with all available bolt-ons: wheels off detailing, engine bay, interior and leather treatments with fabric hood protection (where applicable) followed by our ceramic quartz coatings…
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Time: Approx 5+



About JLD Professional Car Care

JLD Professional Car Care has built up a wealth of experience and knowledge over the past 10 years within the car-care industry, with a rapidly growing portfolio and a willingness to learn, we have kept ourselves up-to-date with the latest products, processes, and paint types, allowing us to confidently prepare your car to its very best!

All detailing work is carried out in a modern, fully-equipped 3,000 sq. ft secure and insured studio in Burscough, West Lancashire — a short drive from both the M58 and M6 motorways and we’re temperature controlled to ensure the best conditions for applying paintwork coatings.

We offer an extensive range of car detailing treatments, as well as being able to offer tailored services to meet your requirements.

What is Car Detailing?

Our Detailing services are aimed at the discerning car owner looking for the optimum finish on their pride and joy. We offer an extensive range of vehicle detailing treatments to suit every requirement and we will happily cater for any car regardless of its value, from new cars through to classics, daily drivers and show cars.

Car detailing is all about making a car look its very best, and is more closely related to car restoration than valeting. As such we are committed to providing a very high standard of work without cutting corners, therefore timescales are quoted which allow plenty of time for us to ensure the correct methods are used.

Our most popular services are listed in the top menu, however we are happy tailor any service to suit your requirements. To ensure we can work to the highest standard, all detailing work is undertaken from our immaculate and fully insured 3,000sq. ft detailing studio in Burscough, with easy access from the M58 and M6 motorways.

A £100 deposit will be required to secure a booking.