Time: Approx 2-2.5
From: £ 500

A two-stage machine polish is given to eliminate light swirls and scratches, oxidation, and dull and hazy paintwork that’s been damaged over the years by poor wash technique, bad contact and strong chemicals.

The first machine polishing stage is a medium-strong cut compound used in conjunction with a polishing/cutting pad that restores the paint and removes up to >80% of the surface defects. The second set is a much milder pass to refine the finish and give that much desired ‘wet glossy’ look.

This service is our most popular package — ideal for the enthusiast who likes to keep a defect free car all year round. Paint thickness removal is kept minimal during this detail allowing the process to be performed on an annual basis if needs be.

Full process

  • Alloy wheels cleaned; front facing, behind-spokes and inner-rim
  • Wheel arches flushed, door shuts cleaned
  • Extensive wash process using the two bucket system and pH neutral shampoo/foam
  • Tar deposits and iron rich/metallic contaminants chemically treated
  • Remaining surface contaminants removed with a claybar; leaving a slick, glass-like finish
  • Vehicle rinsed and dried with plush, ultra soft microfibre drying towels
  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips
  • Delicate areas and trim taped-up or removed to aid machine polishing stage
  • Scratches, oxidation, swirls and blemishes removed (>80% correction) via rotary polishing
  • Second machine polishing set to restore, refine and ‘burnish’ the finish to a jewelled high gloss
  • Vehicle re-washed to remove dust created from paint correction stage
  • Blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips
  • Paintwork wiped over with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to remove residues and oils leaving a slick, clean base
  • Single layer of synthetic paint sealant and/or carnauba wax applied
  • Trim/britework/tyres dressed and protected as necessary including tailpipes
  • Glass cleaned throughout
Paint Enhancement
Major Paint Correction