Time: Approx 1
From: £ 200

The aim of this Detail is to deep clean and protect each exterior surface of your car.

Over time, road tar, iron deposits, and various airborne contaminants build up, however regular washing does not remove these contaminants, and if left untreated your paintwork will over time become dull and pitted. It is highly recommended that this treatment is carried out at least once a year (if the polymer sealant option is chosen), however it may be required every 3 – 6 months depending on the environment your car lives in and also the type of use it gets.

This is carried out in the space of a day, several cleansing stages are carried out, including a one-stage machine cleanse, which helps to mask minor swirl marks, and will also increase gloss and clarity of your paint finish. A protective polymer sealant is then applied, as well as protection for all of the exterior trim, and wheels.

Well cared for used cars and new cars alike all benefit from this service.

New Car Detail